I-SYS stainless steel wire rope assemblies

I- Sys steel wire ropes or cables  are developed for those situations where there must be no corrosion whatsoever and where high temperatures occur Some examples would be structural architectural applications like balustrade infill , yachting, aviation and the sun awning industry.

The special structure of the stainless steel means that it can resist temperatures of up to 300 degrees centigrade as well as providing approximately 10% greater elasticity than a comparable cable made using galvanised steel roping wire .

When flexibility is an issue a  stranded stainless steel wire rope or cable with a greater total number of wires should be selected. A 7x7 construction would be selected for medium flexibility and a 7x19 stainless steel cable  would be selected if there is a requirement for higher  flexibility.

1x37 or 1x19 stainless steel strand can  be selected where the requirement for flexibility is low and there is no need for the rope to bend.

Standard diameter ranges

1x37 Stainless steel strand  is available from 16mm diameter to 26mm diameter.

1x19 Stainless steel strand is available from 2mm diameter to16mm diameter.

7x7 Stainless steel wire rope is available from  1mm diameter to 8mm diameter.

7x19 Stainless steel wire rope is available from 2mm to 16mm diameter.

  • Stainless steel rope to AISI 316
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • High resistance to temperature
  • Range of flexibilities
  • Polished surface  finish
  • Perfect for balustrade infill